Music Producers

Sometimes it's preferable to work with a songwriter or a music producer to create an original song, an opening theme, a stylized cover, a branded music logo, an original piece of source music or an ambient post-rock back-drop. We've expanded our roster to include outstanding music producers and songwriters who have consistently proven their self-supporting ability to write, produce and deliver original music for film, television, interactive media, and advertising. 

Our current roster includes recording artists and songwriters in Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Calgary, Chicago, San Francisco, Denver and New York.

We invite you to check out their profiles, download a PDF of their credits, visit their Vimeo channels and listen to their audio demos. If you have a green-lit project that requires an original song, score or both, please contact us about your music needs and direction and we'll connect you with the right songwriter / lyricist / music producer.