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'Stockholm Nabbed by Smith Global Media' core news picture

Stockholm Nabbed by Smith Global Media

Smith Global Media has picked up U.S. distribution rights to the Ethan Hawke- and Noomi Rapace-starrer Stockholm, a thriller from director Robert Budreau based on the true story of a 1973 bank heist and hostage crisis in Stockholm. The deal for the Canadian indie is in the mid-seven figures, including a P&A commitment for a theatrical release in early 2019.

"Stockholm is a quirky and supremely entertaining film, with brilliant performances from the entire cast," Harry Smith, president of Smith Global Media and younger brother of actor Will Smith, said Monday in a statement.

Stockholm follows the drama chronicled in the New Yorker article "The Bank Drama" by Daniel Lan, which tells of the hostages who bonded with their captors and turned against the authorities, giving rise to the psychological phenomenon known as Stockholm Syndrome.

Hawke and Budreau reunited on Stockholm after working together on 2016's Born to Be Blue, in which Hawke starred as jazz legend Chet Baker. Also re-joining the team is #CoreComposer Steve London. The thriller, which also stars Mark Strong, was produced by Nicholas Tabarrok, Budreau, Jonathan Bronfman and Fredrik Zander. Scott Aversano, Will Russell-Shapiro, Jason Blum, William Santor, John Hills, Andrew Chang-Sang, Patrick Roy and Christina Kubacki share executive producer credits.

The deal for Stockholm was negotiated by CAA and Sierra/Affinity for the filmmakers.


'Mister Tachyon Premieres on VICELAND' core news picture

Mister Tachyon Premieres on VICELAND

Mister Tachyon, VICELAND's new show by Director X takes a journey beyond the bleeding edge of science. The masked host sorts fact from science fiction, exploring the possibility of telekinesis, telepathy, orgone energy, tornado tapping, and more.

Scored by #CoreComposer group Menalon, the series premieres on VICELAND (US) Wednesdays at 11pm, starting on July 11, 2018


'Gary Koftinoff Wins a 2018 ASCAP Award' core news picture

Gary Koftinoff Wins a 2018 ASCAP Award

Congrats to Gary Koftinoff who won the 2018 ASCAP Screen Award "Top Cable Television Series" for the CTV/NBC series SAVING HOPE. 

Pictured is Gary, flanked by ASCAP execs Shawn LeMone (Senior VP, Film & TV), Elizabeth Matthews (CEO).

'Leo Win for Matthew Rogers' core news picture

Leo Win for Matthew Rogers

Congratulations to Matthew Rogers who took home a Leo Award for his score to the feature film comedy, ADVENTURES IN PUBLIC SCHOOL. Rogers, (pictured left) stands next to Core agent, Matt Safran. This is Matthew's 5th Leo win, he has 9 other nominations. 

'Core Scores 3 Leo Nominations' core news picture

Core Scores 3 Leo Nominations

The nominees for the 2018 Leo Awards have been announced and 3 Core composers are among the honoured few.

Matthew Rogers, Best Music Score for a Motion Picture - ADVENTURES IN PUBLIC SCHOOL.

Brent Belke, Best Music Score for a Dramatic Series - YOU ME HER.

Christopher Tyler Nickel, Best Music Score for a Documentary Series - HEAVY RESCUE 401, Feels Like a Winner.