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'Gary Koftinoff Wins a 2018 ASCAP Award' core news picture

Gary Koftinoff Wins a 2018 ASCAP Award

Congrats to Gary Koftinoff who won the 2018 ASCAP Screen Award "Top Cable Television Series" for the CTV/NBC series SAVING HOPE. 

Pictured is Gary, flanked by ASCAP execs Shawn LeMone (Senior VP, Film & TV), Elizabeth Matthews (CEO).

'Leo Win for Matthew Rogers' core news picture

Leo Win for Matthew Rogers

Congratulations to Matthew Rogers who took home a Leo Award for his score to the feature film comedy, ADVENTURES IN PUBLIC SCHOOL. Rogers, (pictured left) stands next to Core agent, Matt Safran. This is Matthew's 5th Leo win, he has 9 other nominations. 

'Core Scores 3 Leo Nominations' core news picture

Core Scores 3 Leo Nominations

The nominees for the 2018 Leo Awards have been announced and 3 Core composers are among the honoured few.

Matthew Rogers, Best Music Score for a Motion Picture - ADVENTURES IN PUBLIC SCHOOL.

Brent Belke, Best Music Score for a Dramatic Series - YOU ME HER.

Christopher Tyler Nickel, Best Music Score for a Documentary Series - HEAVY RESCUE 401, Feels Like a Winner.

'RANSOM RETURNS' core news picture


Scored by #CoreComposer Todor Kobakov, Global's suspense-filled drama RANSOM is back on our screens this Saturday (8 p.m. ET/PT).

The 13-episode series returns to the life-and-death world of crisis and hostage negotiator Eric Beaumont (Luke Roberts: Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides) and his elite team of experts. This season, as they negotiate with top-ranking criminals and delve deep into the world of high-stakes hostage situations, the team members struggle to balance their personal lives in a criminal world that knows no boundaries.

'6 Core-Scored Films at HotDocs2018' core news picture

6 Core-Scored Films at HotDocs2018

North America's largest documentary film festival will kick off this April 26th with 6 films scored by Core Composers:

The Accountant of Auschwitz - directed by Matthew Shoychet and scored by Ken Myhr. The Guardians - directed by Billie Mintz, scored by Todor Kobakov; Take Light - directed by Shasha Nakhai, scored by Rob Teehan; Yellow is Forbidden - directed by Pietra Brettkelly, scored by Tom Third; What Walaa Wants - directed by Christie Garland, scored by Tom Third; and Turning Tables - scored by Menalon & Classic Roots