Steve London

Steve London is a Los Angeles-based multi award-winning film, television and video game composer, who is best known for his scores for the award-winning Chet Baker biopic “Born to Be Blue” (IFC/eOne), the fan-favorite animated Fox TV show, “The Ripping Friends” (from the creator of “Ren and Stimpy”), the ‘Top 20 of 2020 Indies’ video game, “Star Renegades” (Massive Damage/Raw Fury) and the 2016 Oscar nominated documentary short film, “Chau, Beyond the Lines” (Netflix).

Whether it’s the slow corruption of the initially pristine hybrid film score of “The Immaculate Room” (Hulu), the quirky and dark orchestral score to the film, “Stockholm” (Blumhouse/eOne) or the award-winning chip-tune score to the video game score for “Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander” (Massive Damage), Steve's natural talent, and ‘concept-tied-to-story’ approach is readily apparent as he shifts from musical genre to musical genre with ease. As a multi-instrumentalist, he also regularly develops and finds new ways to twist traditional acoustic sounds, such as the electronically processed Vietnamese children’s orchestra that created the resonant emotional textures for “Chau, Beyond the Lines”, or the new horror instrument, the Hell Harp, which is currently in development.

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