Mike Shields

Mike Shields has been a musician all of his life, studying classical piano at the age of five. Raised by two music teachers, there was never a shortage of knowledge and inspiration in his home. Mike started his professional career as a singer/songwriter, and has had two albums with songs on the Canadian charts. He fell in love with film and television while shooting his music videos with his aspiring filmmaking friends. As their careers grew, so did Mike’s and he quickly became a highly sought after composer in the film and television industry.

To date, he has scored 24 feature films, 13 TV series, 18 documentaries and numerous shorts.  Career highlights include John Fawcett’s world-wide cult favourite 'Ginger Snaps', and 'Lucky Girl' which was the first of six features for CTV.  '100 Days in the Jungle' – a movie directed by Sturla Gunnarsson, earned him a Gemini Award, and Robert Cuffley’s Turning Paige garnered him a Genie nomination. Other feature highlights include, 'The Nutty Professor' starring Jerry Lewis and the Sundance cult smash 'Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil'.

Mike scored five seasons of the highly awarded dramatic series 'Blackstone'.  Mike is currently scoring the 2nd season of 'Polly  Pocket' for Family Channel and Disney XD. the 13th season of "Fireman Sam" for the BBC, and the crime procedural series "Tribal" for APTN.