Kim Planert

Kim Planert is a German composer, producer, and artistic collaborator. His breathtaking music ignites and inspires with deeply nuanced and personal expression, encompassing an emotional versatility that reflects across the board in contemporary music and composition to picture. From synthesizers and textural-musical sound design to a full symphony orchestra, his innovative work ranges from solo albums to music for film and television, and video games. Based in LA, Kim has written consistently for Network TV Shows including Castle, Missing, The Whispers, The Unit, and Lie To Me to name a few.

As a hands-on humanitarian and activist, Kim made four tours at the age of 19 to former Yugoslavia during the Bosnian War providing humanitarian aid. One of his first songs was written for the people of the city of Bihac, who at the time were surrounded by Serbian forces. The song’s tape made it through the frontline to the "Pocket of Bihac" and was played on radio. This gave hope to the people that they were not forgotten. Kim is currently developing a TV series based on his brother's humanitarian aid work during the Bosnian war.

Kim has collaborated on passion projects that bring about political or social change, including feature films: Skid Row Marathon and The Game: Gambling between Life and Death.

Kim’s solo album "Skylight: Notes from a Logbook" takes inspiration from his passion for flying as a former Wingsuit Skydiver, and the recovery from a life-altering accident. The music video of his single release “Lux Ex Tenebris” won multiple awards and is screening at Oscar qualifying CineQuest and BronzeLens.

From war-torn Bosnia to pushing the boundaries above the clouds, Kim’s work offers a unique edge and deeper spirituality.