Chris Ainscough

Chris Ainscough

Chris started his musical career playing piano, trumpet, and double bass, and by the age of 16, he was performing nightly at major clubs, and touring with various heavy rock tribute bands across Canada. Chris’ experience as a music performer was the catalyst that inspired him to pursue formal schooling in music and recording technology.

With a background in sound mixing and editing he soon made the jump to scoring and to date, he has scored over two dozen feature films, television series and documentaries and has 5 Leo Awards and Nominations, a Genie Nomination and a Golden Reel Nomination.  He's worked with eminent directors, Anne Wheeler (Suddenly Naked, Better Than Chocolate), Michael French (Jim Carrey: The Un-Natural Act), Bill Dear (Harry & the Hendersons), and Neill Fearnley among others.           

Chris received a Leo nomination in 2010 for his score to "Heart of a Dragon", a Mark Gordon production, (The Patriot, Grey's Anatomy); Chris produced the score in consultation with 15 time Grammy Award winning composer, David Foster

"Chris is an extremely talented film music composer, his themes and composition are memorable, inspired and original. He's one of the best." - Bryan Adams

"I worked with Chris on the Heart of a Dragon score.  I was really impressed with his fortitude and style. The themes he came up with were just stellar, his orchestration, inspiring." - David Foster


Chris's films include Midnight Stallion starring Kris Kristofferson, The Yank, starring Fred Willard, Kevin Farley and Colm Meaney and the Ben Ratner award-winning film, Down River. He is currently scoring the Hallmark TV movie, "Walking the Dog".

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