Amanda Cawley

Amanda Cawley is an accomplished British-Canadian composer for film and other media.

Her original scoring credits include arrangements for award-winning documentaries, TV series, short films, contemporary art productions and commercial advertising.

Amanda is intuitive, curious, versatile and imaginative. She loves learning about the story to be told and how she might help convey the narrative through her authentic and captivating musical composition.

Using a palette of soundscapes inspired by her studies of music in India, Africa, Indonesia and Europe, Amanda brings a diverse flavour to pieces that demand a distinguishing edge. She has a particular aptitude for finding moments to interlace a true sense of enchantment.

In 2021, Amanda was honoured to receive her third Leo Award nomination for Best Musical Score in Documentary Series. She has a classical education in music from the University of Victoria, BC, Canada, and a contemporary education in composition from Selkirk College, BC.

Recently completed works include the animated TV series Fireman Sam Season 13; documentary TV series Ageless Gardens Season 3; and short film Victor Cicansky.

Amanda is typically engaged by directors, producers, writers and artists. From her studio in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, she collaborates with clients around the world.

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