Keri Latimer

Canadian Juno Award winning songwriter Keri Latimerʼs career began in the visual arts. While deeply immersed in an intensive graphic design program, she began to play guitar as a distraction. Very quickly her studies became sabotaged by musical urges, and it became obvious what her truest form of expression was.

Starting from square one, she tapped into years of adolescent piano lessons, a love for subversive and painfully genuine songs, and began to find her voice. Several awards later, including a Western Canadian Songwriting Award over fellow nominee Bryan Adams, she is firmly rooted in the Canadian music scene.

Since 1999, Keri has been fronting the Winnipeg based band Nathan, which is currently signed to Nettwerk Records worldwide. Acoustic Guitar Magazine tried to account for their music as infectious alt-country noir, fractured folk-swing and surreal songwriting.”  The Globe and Mail said that it has “Something mysterious at the core ... as if to remind you that home is just another word for the place where you keep your darkest secrets.”  The reviews are often like this, bringing out the best in music journalists as they struggle to describe their reaction to these inventive songs.

Keri has begun to merge her visual and musical sensibilities. She recently collaborated with Peter Golub and Shahzad Ismaily on the score of 'Frozen River' which won the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival, and was nominated for 2 Oscar Awards.

In 2010, Keri was chosen to represent the province of Manitoba in CBC's Great Canadian Song Contest. 

Visit Keri's Vimeo Channel to watch video demo reels of her work.