Ned Bouhalassa

Ned Bouhalassa writes captivating cues in all styles and moods; his music is a mosaic of traditional and experimental influences. A multi-instrumentalist and synthesizer wiz, he believes in the power of simplicity; Bouhalassa’s sound is layered, yet clear, and always in the service of the story. Not relying on old formulas, Ned enters into each collaboration without preconceptions. From 8 seasons of scripted drama “O”, to the Titanic-Pompeii-King Tut documentary trifecta, Ned crafts a unique sound-world for each project.

While he started out his career collecting raw sounds from a gutted piano, Bouhalassa now wields a lineup of classic synthesizers and live/sampled instruments. Forever exploring eclectic and evocative sounds, Ned has sampled bleating goats in Jamaica, buzzing desert nights in Arizona, and a birthday sparkler (which made its way to the popular game “Minecraft”).

Bouhalassa’s untamed side can be heard and purchased on